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Event organization

Event organization is another one in the range of amenities offered by Food Food House Lazarević!

Our services are intended for:

  • Companies for everyday and special occasions - seminars, cocktails, business meetings, press conferences, anniversaries, celebrations, open days, lunch packages ...
  • Companies specialized in the provision of services - marketing agencies, celebrations, weddings, children's playrooms...
  • Companies registered for further sale and service - restaurants, catering and trade facilities...

With our expert team you can arrange everything that is important to you:
Delivery time and services, quantity and type of food, beverage and serving, services of waiters, chefs, bartenders, additional items of service (necessary inventory, tables, glasses, plates, cutleries, tablecloths ...) as well as everything that might be interesting for you, special and necessary.

Food House Lazarević offers a large selection of salted catering, from our recognizable salty mixes, meat delicacies, canapés pieces from the most luxurious foods (ham, salmon, caviar, beefsteak), traditional, homemade but also unusual and exotic salads, vegan and vegetarian food, homemade pies and pastries to well-known sweet treats, small cakes, cakes pieces, among which an important place is taken by our cakes made with special care and from the finest ingredients

Everything can be served according to the principle of a Swedish table, when all food is put together for serving, and it can be served as an appetizer, main dish and dessert.
The usual quantities for cocktail party celebrations (birthdays, celebrations, party celebrations, pre-wedding service) are 0.25kg of salty servings and 0.100kg of sweet serving per person.
For celebrations where people usually sit, talk and enjoy the conversation, the amount must be slightly higher, while for celebratory or festive serving it is essential that the food is served in slightly larger amounts than given.

Food and beverages do not always have precise rules.

Each guest is different, each company is different, each event is special, and we will find the right formula with you that will satisfy everyone.
We can arrange every aspect of the service and adapt it to your requirements.

We are at your service!