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About us

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 House food Lazarević d.o.o. was founded on October 1, 1998, based in Zemun, in 59 Cvijiceva Street.
Since the beginning of its business, the company is engaged in catering, catering activity which includes the production and serving food and drinks outside the building in which food is prepared
Since we have been working since 1998, our company is one of the oldest and most prestigious companies in Belgrade and Serbia that deals with this activity.
The founders and owners, Milesa i Jeremija Lazarević, with their chosen associates at that time, transferred to their newly established house their best organizational and expert skills that they gained by working and managing elite catering from its best times.
On the other hand, they have always tried to refresh their team and enter the new and creative, modern and interesting spirit in their work.
For years, we have one goal: to transfer the experience, knowledge and skills of our masters into products of superior quality and aesthetic experience.
Our business philosophy is reflected in the desire to give, with our sweet and salty products, a new dimension and value to every event that is of importance to our clients and thus free them valuable time and energy for other businesses.

Products like#saltedcatering#sweetcatering#smallcakes#cakes#weddingcakes #childrencakes#meals#prepareddishes are the reason why we have a huge customer base and why we have been at the top of the #catering industry for years.

Visit us in our production and eat something sweet in our garden in Zemun, come to one of our stores, our small corners, full of warmth and famous homemade sweet and savory fragrances, and choose everything you need, and we will do everything to satisfy you.