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A cake is a central element of each celebration.
Birthday, wedding, holiday, business success or anniversary, with a cake every event is more beautiful and festive.

Everyone likes cakes and it's our goal to emphasize and strengthen this love.

  • Cakes are made from the finest raw hazelnut, walnut, almond, Belgian black, milk and white chocolate, seasonal fresh fruit, sweet sour cream...
  • In cakes there are no artificial additives, colors, odors and tastes.
  • Cakes are decorated with whipped cream, fondan and Barvalo mass.
  • The colors used for decorating are edible and safe.

It is best to order cakes in advance so that we can meet all your wishes.
You can choose one of the cakes we have already done, bring a picture of the cake you want or together with us to come up with something completely new, and our bakers will do their best to implement your idea.
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  • Classic cake - 3800 rsd/kg
  • Classic cake (reform, esterhazi, grilijaz, nugat) - 3800 rsd/kg
  • Cake with a picture with more characters or details - 3800 din/kg  +  decoration price
  • 3D shaped cake - 3800 din/kg  +  decoration price
  • Cake for children decoration mass (barvalo) with up to three decorations - 3800 din/kg + decoration price
  • Festive cake with whipped cream - 3800 din/kg
  • Festive cake decoration mass (barvalo) with up to three roses - 3800 din/kg
  • Figures, peony, orchids, additional roses and ornaments are charged separately

Cakes - Gallery

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